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Children’s Church and Nursery

We have a special ministry called “Children’s Church” for kids aged 18 months – 6 years old that takes place during the sermon portion of the morning (Sept.-June). During the worship service, usually right after the offering is collected, the kids are invited to the front, prayed for, and dismissed to their classes.  Teachers will receive the children in their respective classrooms. The kids aged 2-4 head with their parent/guardian to ‘sign in’ at their classroom on the main floor. Kids age 5-6 head upstairs with their parent/guardian to ‘sign in’ and meet their with their teacher.  Children will be released only to a parent or designated guardian following Children’s/Toddler’s Church

The nursery is always open and available for take care of your baby. It is equipped with a change table, crib, chairs, toys, window into the sanctuary and a speaker to hear the Morning Worship Service.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Each summer we provide five mornings of summer day camp for kids aged 4-11.

  • Summer 2005: God’s All-Star Champions
  • Summer 2006: Jungle Journey for Joy
  • Summer 2007: Bethlehem Villiage
  • Summer 2008: “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”
  • Summer 2009: “Crocodile Dock – Where fearless kids shine God’s light”
  • Summer 2010: Saddle Ridge Ranch – “Roundin’ Up Questions, Drivin’ Home Answers”
  • Summer 2011: Beach Blast
  • Summer 2012: Babylon – Daniel’s Courage in Captivity
  • Summer 2013: God’s Backyard – Under the Sun
  • Summer 2014: Weird Animals – Where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind
  • Summer 2018: Babylon – Daniel’s Courage in Captivity
  • Summer 2019: Athens – Paul’s Dangerous Journey to Share the Gospel

      Faith in Jesus

Learn more about having faith in Jesus and peace with God.

Sharing Your Faith

Resources that can help you share your faith in Jesus so that others may enjoy God’s grace and mercy.

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